Torino seconda parte

We returned to Turin on our way to the Cinque Terre and were keen to make the most of the afternoon and evening we had available.

First up was a very warm walk to the Mole Antonelliana – the iconic tower displayed on Italy’s 2-cent coin. After queuing for entry we were told to return in two hours for our slot to ride the lift to the viewing deck. For future reference – it’s definitely worth booking online at busy times!

With time to kill, we took a stroll across the Dora Riparia (river) to reach what was currently a very sleepy neighbourhood. Clearly, our ambition to make the most of our afternoon didn’t quite align with the rest of Turin’s population, who were wisely hiding from the afternoon heat. Still, we found a cafe in a quiet square to enjoy a refreshing local beer to pass the time. Sara enjoyed watching a man on the neighbouring table who was trying to train his pigeon friend to eat politely. It wasn’t going well.

The panoramic lift up the tower passed through the centre of the Museum of Cinema, which was both incredible and stomach-turning in equal measures. Less than a minute later, we’d arrived at the observation deck, which provided a 360 degree panorama over Turin’s rooftops, backed by the Alps on one side.

Next up, I’d managed to convince Sara that the tram was the perfect mode of transport to our next destination – Parco del Valentino. To my delight, a historic orange tram arrived, and we happily rattled along beside the river. In all honesty, I’m not sure the tram was any quicker than walking, but what it lacked in speed it made up in style.

We strolled through the park and finally found where the people of Turin were enjoying the weather – watching some live music next to the river with a bar.

We ended the day by trying the Torino speciality of an apericena – an aperitif accompanied by a colossal tagliere (sharing platter) – at Beerba. This kept us fully occupied for the rest of the evening!

This second visit to Turin was part of our transit to the Cinque Terre – 5 villages perched in a row along the rocky coastline. We’d heard so many good things that our levels of anticipation couldn’t be higher, and my goodness did it deliver.

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  1. Hello! We’re really enjoying reading along and living vicariously through you whilst we wade through nappies etc. Looks like you’re already having an amazing time. That sharing platter looked immense, I may dream about it. Katie x

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