Day 25/25 (Completed it, mate)

There was an enormous storm overnight which kept Sara awake, although Oli slept blissfully through the whole thing much to Sara’s disgust!  We woke up to a very wet Pula, but thankfully the rain soon eased off, which was lucky as breakfast was served across the road.  However, no sooner had we packed up and left the hotel, the rain returned with a vengeance and we got pretty wet walking to the bus station.  We reached the bus station in plenty of time for our (once daily) bus to the airport and made the journey without a problem.  When we were collecting our bags the friendly bus driver asked us where we were from and where we were going, but looked very confused and slightly concerned at our reply.  He turned and pointed at the only plane on the tarmac and asked doubtfully if it was ours (it wasn’t), so at this point we were pretty worried that we were at the wrong Pula – thankfully, we were not!  As soon as we had got through security we heard a last call for our flight even though it was over an hour until takeoff, which had us worried again.  We rushed to the gate, but there was still no sign of the plane.  After about 10 minutes we saw it land…thanks, Ryanair!  After a quick turnaround we were finally on our way home.

We had a fantastic trip 🙂

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