Vienna to Budapest

We took another comfortable train for our shortest journey yet, between Vienna and Budapest.  The journey was just under three hours and, true to form, Sara managed to sleep most of the way. We had the usual confusion at the station trying to sort out finding a city map, local currency and travel cards before taking the metro to our hotel. Oli’s misplaced map-reading optimism led us in the wrong direction for a while, but we got there in the end! 

We made our usual mistake of judging a city from what we saw on the journey between the train station and our hotel; all we could see were building sites and slightly dilapidated streets. However, the hotel was comfortable and clean, and we took advantage of the free refreshments on arrival. As usual, we managed to lock the safe with the wrong code…although this time it really was a safe with no instructions and a mind of its own! We’d read about a pedestrian street with lots of good food options and it turned out to be very close to our hotel, so we took a stroll there to get some dinner.  It was all lit up and had a lovely atmosphere, really buzzy. We had some tasty and very hearty goulash soup to start, and were full before our main course arrived!

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